FILM                                               TULI VÄLJA                                                  KRISTENI OSA

Koidukuma 2. osa                           Filmitakse                                                       Bella Cullen

On the Road                                      Filmitakse                                                 Marylou Moriarty

An American Girl                              Filmitakse                                                        Teadmata

Koidukuma 1. osa                              Filmitakse                                                Bella Swan/Cullen

K-11                                                 Filmitakse(2010)                                                Butterfly

Päikesevarjutus                              09.07.2010                                                         Bella Swan

The Runaways                                   2010                                                                 Joan Jett

Noorkuu                                              2009                                                                 Bella Swan

Welcome to the Rileys                      2009                                                                  Mallory

Pöörane Suvi                                      2009                                                                  Em Lewin

Videvik                                                2008                                                                 Bella Swan

What Just Happened?                      2008                                                                      Zoe

Jumper                                               2008                                                                    Sophie

The Yellow Handkerchief                2008                                                                   Martine

The Cake Eaters                               2007                                                                   Georgia

Into the Wild                                     2007                                                                  Tracy Tatro

Cutlass                                                2007                                                               Young Robin

Fierce People                                    2007                                                                     Maya

In the Land of Women                    2007                                                              Lucy Hardwicke

The Messengers                              2007                                                                Jess Solomon

Zathura                                             2005                                                                     Lisa

Speak                                                2005                                                               Melinda Sordino

Undertow                                         2004                                                                      Lila

Catch That Kid                                2004                                                                Maddy Phillips

Cold Creek Manor                          2003                                                                  Kristen Tilson

Panic Room                                     2002                                                                  Sarah Altman

The Safety of Objects                   2002                                                                   Sam Jennings

The Thirteenth Year                       1999                                                               Vett ootav tüdruk


4 Responses to Filmid

  1. This is a great post and may be one that you should followed up to see what happens

    A good friend e mailed this link the other day and I will be excitedly looking your next put up. Continue on the very good work.

  2. Sofia Graff ütles:

    Seen your webblog via bing the other day and absolutely like it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Crissssuu . ütles:

    aga muidu kas keegi teab , miks on filmil koidukuma tema rollil nimi Bella Stewart ?
    see oli ju videvikus tema nimi , ? . 😀 …

  4. Crissssuu . ütles:

    Swan . 😀 * sassi läks . :DD

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